Our Academy, beside the courses and seminars, will organize many other activities through its effort to strengthen participants' interest on the subjects.

'' A healthy mind in a healthy body '' said the ancient Greeks.

The daily fitness programs will relax you and keep you in shape.

Sport tournaments of your choice, will also be organized on the facilities of the academy. The winner will be awarded with an olive branch just like the winners of the Ancient Olympic Games.

  • Dancing is a feature of the culture of all people. The Greeks have the dance strongly connected with the joys of life and especially the intense fun. There are many kinds of traditional Greek dances, which you will learn and enjoy in your spare time.
  • Also artistic activities will make your afternoon creative and contributive.
  • Click: A professional photographer will teach you all the secrets for the perfect shot. With the right techniques and the appropriate details you will capture your personal moments with absolute success.
  • Jewelry and accessories: The great passion of many people. With the proper guidance you will combine the colors and the design of your choice in order to create your own summer jewel.
  • Painting: Practice your technique and unleash your imagination. With the blue of Greece as your main color, you will fill the canvas with your experiences and pictures.
  • Mediterranean diet : An experienced chef will introduce you to the flavors of Greek cuisine and with traditional products of our country you will create delicious, healthy dishes and you will learn how to make them in order to impress your friends when you return home.