Our program is organized modularly and offered in English.

The Greek language courses are offered free of charge to all participants.

After the end of the program of the Greek lessons, we offer to the participants completely free two month program of lessons of Greek language through the electronic platform of Summer Academy.

Language Requirements: Our level courses are meant for everyone who wants to improve his/her Greek language skills and/or explore various subject areas in depth. We teach Greek classes in all levels starting from beginners' up to advanced level. The content of the courses will be taught in English. Our program manager and staff are prepared to offer advice and support to every participant in order to help you make the best out of the program.

Course Prerequisites: Minimal participation in a Greek language and culture course includes regular attendance, preparing for the lessons (studying), and participate in discussions. Sometimes, the course subjects require extra classes or excursions. These are part of the regular class and attendance is mandatory. Teachers (Professors) will schedule midterm exams and final exams as part of their course requirements and/or demand a research paper on each subject. After you choose your courses you will take a placement test an according to the results you will be assigned to the different language and grammar level course. Additionally, please choose two out of four offered electives and one out of four offered projects. Bear in mind that the number of participants is limited for each course, so it is wise to consider an alternative to your first choice.


Greek Language (Designed for true beginners - A1, A2 level)

Introduction to the Greek language, familiarization with the Greek alphabet, writing and reading. Basic vocabulary. The student will be able to make introductions, to give basic information about him/herself or other persons, to describe activities and to take part in everyday dialogues. Enrichment of the basic vocabulary. The student will be able to talk about everyday situations (e.g. home, weather etc.) in a simple and brief way, to give simple descriptions and make simple comparisons.
Greek Language (Created for beginners with a basic knowledge and advanced learners -  B1 level)

Further enrichment of the basic vocabulary. The student will be able to express him/herself both orally and in writing in usual everyday situations using simple speech and to comprehend simple texts, announcements, instructions and conversations about familiar issues.The student talks about issues of more general interest (e.g. family, health, work etc.), narrates stories expressing time relations and participates in discussions about familiar issues expressing his/her opinion and putting forward his/her arguments.

Greek language (created for students with a good knowledge of the Greek language - B2 level) **

Vocabulary expansion in thematic units and the official language (writing formal letters). Further vocabulary expansion on the basis of various thematic units, first contact with short newspaper and magazine texts or with simple literature texts. The student will be able to express adequately opinions and feelings and to communicate in various situations.



Greek language (created for students with a great knowledge of the Greek language - C1, C2 level) **

Communicative ability in a wide range of situations, ability to understand and use idiomatic expressions concerning the modern Greek civilization. Comprehension of simple texts from the everyday and periodical press as well as of selected literature texts, original texts of increased difficulty, aiming mainly at the enrichment of the vocabulary and practicing the use of special language structures through social issues. Comprehension of original recorded extracts from radio or TV programmes and production of speech using these sources.

** Courses 3 and 4 are organised uppon request with minimum 10 participants.